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Event Notifications

Automatic notification service

Description, message format

Before starting work with Event Notification service it is necessary to contact Mayzus Financial Services (service provider) technical support team to exchange technical data.

Merchant must prepare and provide script-page, which should automatically process notification messages received from service provider.

Merchant will be provided with the Client Code and Security Key, needed by Merchant to verify integrity and authenticity of received notifications.

Notification message is sent automatically by service provider via GET request to the Merchant's script-page.

Service suppose that GET request is successfully delivered to the Merchant only if script-page returns HTTP code 200 and text page, which contains “OK” text (no html/css markup tags/etc).

In all other cases service suppose notification message as undelivered and will try automatically resend it with the certain periodicity.

service provider uses the following parameters in GET request:

Name Type Description
source string Sender's Code (always UWCFS)
target string Receiver's Code
type string Message Type Code (see paragraph 2)
state string Status Code (see paragraph 3)
item int Unique identifier of the item relating to the Notification Request (Document ID or AccountID).
detailsstring * Additional detail for notification, optional, can be empty.
hashstringRequest signature (see below)

Signature making rule:
hash = SHA512(target + type + state + item + details + Security Key)
Example of Notification Request:


parameter TYPE values

Code Description
MT Notification regarding Money Transfer status
CARDLOAD Notification regarding Card Loading Payment status
CARDREQ Notification regarding Card Request status
CHEQUE Notification regarding Client's Cheque status
CLIDOCS Notification regarding Client's Document status
INBANKTR Notification regarding Client's Inward bank wire status
WITHDTOCARD Notification regarding Withdrawal To Card Payment status

parameter STATE values

Code Description
CHANGE Item was changed
CANCEL Item was canceled
CONFIRM Item was confirmed
PAID Item was payed
DONE Item (processing) is done
DONEEXPRESS Item (processing) is done in manual mode
DONESWIFT Item (processing) is done in Automatic mode
NEW New item
ERROR Error while processing item
ADD Item was added
DOCREJECT Document was rejected
DOCACCEPT Document was accepted
RETURN Item was returned
SENT Card was sent to Client
ATTEN Item needs attention from Merchant's side
REJECT Item was rejected
UNAVBALANCE Unavailable account balance to process item
ACTIVATIONREQ Activation of card was requested
ACTIVE Card is active
CLOSEREQ Close of card was requested
CLOSED Card is closed
EXPIREDID ID document is about to expire on date, that is provided in details parameter
EXPIREDPOA Proof of Address document is about to expire on date, that is provided in details parameter
PAIDOUT Item has been paid out to recipient
STORNED Item has been storned

It should be taken into account that parameter STATE have different meaning in case of different Notification Types. For example, for type MT (money transfer) value DONE means that transfer was paid-out to the receiver, whereas for type PAYMENT value DONE means that payment is sent.

Generally, value CHANGE means that some changes have been made with the item relating to the Notification Message.

Service provider is able to add new notification types upon the agreement with Merchant.

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