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API for AML usage

Web service address

Test web service address (for testing purposes)

Real web service address


Access to web service can be restricted by IP (upon client’s demand). Each transmitted request must be signed with a key. MoneyPolo issues a key for the merchant at the beginning of the testing period. The key should be changed when switching to the production environment.

MoneyPolo distributes keys among their clients, which has to be transmitted to web service in parametrical form. Each request method should have a Signature object:


Name Type Required Description
MerchantCode string * Merchant's code
Sign string * Signature

For the correct signature generation (Sign) the following is needed:

  1. produce a concatenation of data, transferred to the method of service in request object, and Key.
  2. apply to the result algorithm SHA512.
  3. transfer the result to the upper case.



This method allows to check if person or company is blacklisted.

Input parameters of the method are:

Name Type Required Example Description
Name string * Ben Laden Person or company name
CheckOnlyBlackListed int * 1 1 - show only blacklisted person, 0 - show all matches include politically exposed persons

Signature: Name + CheckOnlyBlackListed + key

Output parameters of the method are:

Name Type Description
BlackListCode string Short name of blacklist, for example RDC_ENTITY or RDC_ALIAS.
RecordID int ID of the record in blacklist
Blocked int 1 - this person should be blocked, 0 - person exists in blacklist but no need to block, just pay attention.
Name string Person's name from the RecordID
EntityID int ID of the entity in RDC DB

PHP Example

$request['Name'] = Ben Laden;
$request['CheckOnlyBlackListed'] = '1';
    $result = $accRequest->Send('BlackListFindName'); 


This method allows to retrieve the additional information about the person by the EntityID from the RDC DB.

Input parameters of the method are:

Name Type Required Example Description
EntityID int * 9999999 EntityID from the RDC DB

Signature: EntityID + key

PHP Example

$request['EntityID'] = 9999999;
    $result = $accRequest->Send('BlackListEntity'); 

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